Cheers to the West

Raise your glass to tradition

The spirit of the frontier is alive in every brew we craft. The Cowboy Trail isn’t just a name — it’s a journey through the heart of the West, winding along its untamed beauty, resilience, and adventurous soul. Our beers are a tribute to the legends of the old West, a taste of the rugged peaks, wide – open skies, and the spirit of carefree freedom that defines our landscapes.

Pour one out for our Alberta heritage

Crafted with locally sourced ingredients and a dedication to quality, our beers embody the essence of Alberta—its resilience, its beauty, and its community. We’re more than just a brewery; we’re a celebration of the land we call home and the people who make it extraordinary.


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Brew Wear: Because Your
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Cheers to looking as good as our beer tastes –
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Wrangling our community

Meet the Posse.  There’s a new beer in town.  The new wheat ale is available June 21.  Cheers to the West!
What a beauty day!  Take some time to smell the flowers, or eat them like Stella…. We don’t judge.  Our dog friendly patio is open at 27 Burnside Drive in Bragg Creek!  Cheers to the West!
Available in Bragg Creek by June 21! Our new Wheat Beer in time for the Summer! Cheers to the West!
Our beer is available at our taproom at 27 Burnside Drive as well as @spiritswestmerchants in Bragg Creek!  Cheers to the West!  PS… more great locations to follow!
Available at @powderhornsaloon!  Cheers to the West!
Introducing Our Blonde Ale Moonshine.  Made with our blonde ale mash recipe; for those who deserve quality and spirits made with 100% malted grains.  Not your watered down berry juice available elsewhere.  Cheers to the West!
At @canmoremountainmarket today!  Cheers to the West!  #canmore #canmorekananaskis #yyccraftbeer
Thank you to the awesome staff and management!  Thank you to our great community!  Cheers to the West! 🍻❤️🍻🤠
Tonight! Join us at @powderhornsaloon for samples of our dark and blonde ales as well as our rye, bourbon and moonshine!  4pm-7pm with live music starting st 7!! Cheers to the West! 🍻🍻